Nothing is better than the feel of your muscles unwinding and relaxing. Let yourself discover the pleasure of a perfect full massage or complete spa rituals in our hotel’s oasis of relaxation, the Afrodita. If you haven’t tried it yet, we recommend experiencing a hot-stone massage with the soothing benefits of warm volcanic rocks. This is a massage that heals body, mind and soul – providing a unique sense of relaxation while stimulating the circulation.

If you want to try something original, we suggest the “Opatija’s Camellia” massage. The oil made of the camellia flower, the trademark of the city of Opatija, will awaken your senses and raise your spirits. For a real escape from time and space, from the “here and now”, try our Thalion sensory spa rituals: Orient – a detoxifying oriental journey; Polynesia – a rejuvenating Polynesian voyage; Atlantic – an invigorating dive into the Atlantic. Thalion sensory rituals embody the spirit of these exotic destinations and will flood the senses with feelings reminiscent of these faraway places.

Whatever you choose, our professional and friendly staff will make these moments of relaxation utterly unforgettable.

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